The shop is dedicated to doing the best tattoo's around. we've been in this location for 6 year's. Our goal is that you walk out of here satisfied. We'll tell you what will an wont work. With over 18 year's of experience, our knowledge of this art is tremendous. And we aim to pass that on to you, by thoroughly talking you through every step of the process. So that your comfortable through the whole process.

In Marty's many years in this profession he's done it all. Tattooed, pierced, and suspended people with every part of the body. Not only does he tattoo and pierce at this shop but he also travels to conventions and does guest spots at other tattoo shop across the world. With his travels he's tattooed famous clients from movies, sports, and music. He's also suspended in multiple music videos for various artists but he's also suspended some of those musicians. His art has taken him everywhere imaginable. He's tattooed in over 40 states and 13 countries. Been in numerous magazines and won multiple awards for his tattoo work. 

2017 Visionary Tattoos Arts Festival judging the tattoo competitions.